Why I love my hair. (Part 1)

So, to give you some background about why I reclaimed my natural hair, I guess I can start by saying I didn’t always think my hair was beautiful.

There was a time when I always felt I needed to relax my hair. Why is that you ask? Well for starters, growing up, there was always a negative outlook on natural hair. It wasn’t something accepted ( it feels weird saying something I’m born with wasn’t accepted). Most of the time when new growth would grow in my hair or anyone’s, someone always had something to say. It would either be, “ohh you need to take care of that” or “it’s time to put a relaxer in” things to that sort. Therefor, those comments stuck with me and I believed my hair should be straight. I thought it’ll be prettier straight.

When I reached my early twenties, I had a conversation with a cousin of mine ( who just passed away on this thanksgiving, rest her soul) about our hair. She said in so many words most african american women have issues with their hair because of issues stemmed down from our enslaved ancestors. It’s from our ancestors being told how they looked like monkeys, how they’re hair was ugly and so forth. It’s from, the face of beauty having straight hair and fair skin back then. It’s more than a hair thing, it’s an internal thing.

Since that conversation, I changed my outlook on me overall. I asked my self what am I  saying about me?

That being said, I will continue this blog next week. On my natural hair journey.

Thanks for reading

With Love, Donyell.


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